Q: When do I get paid and is there a minimum?
A: There is a $20 minimum and all checks are sent on the 28th of every month for the previous month's commissions. If you do not reach the $20 minimum for the month your numbers will carry over to the next month and be used toward the following month’s minimum.

Q: In which currency will I be paid?
A: All purchases are made and will be paid in US$

Q: I live outside the US can I still join?
A: Yes

Q: How do you know who has come from my site?
A: Each affiliate in the program is assigned a unique url that identifies you, once that url has been clicked our software stores that information to a database that updates your account as well as ours.

Q: I haven't purchased from Mogs yet. Do I need to order before I refer people?
A: No purchase is necessary to become an affiliate. However it always helps to know exactly what you are selling.

Q: I have been an associate for a month and have not received any commission yet. What is going on?
A: In order to gain commission you must generate sales by using your Affiliate link or banners. We recommend you use your link in your signature on web forums, post banners on your current website(s), and/or add your affiliate link to the signature of your email, however DO NOT SPAM please. If you are in a guild, and know members who take part in the buying and selling of currency, give them your link. There are many ways to generate traffic, the options are endless, if you have any questions on how to help promote your ID, please feel free to email affiliates@mogs.com for assistance.

Q: How will my visitors order?
A: You will place convincing, yet accurate, sales information on your site that direct your visitor to Mogs via your affiliate url. If your presales text is persuasive, they will order and you will get credit.

Q: How do you calculate commission?
A: Each order referred by you is eligible for 11% of any sale made

Q: How will I know how many orders I referred to Mogs?
A: We will provide you with the URL, where you can check your stats and commissions at any time you wish. These are offered to you in real-time, so if someone has placed an order you will be able to see how much you earned the exact same day.

Q: I sent someone to the Mogs site to order, but they do not appear in my stats. Why?
A: There are only a couple of possibilities for this. Either your link does not contain your unique referral URL or they didn't use it to access our site. Make sure all your links are working properly. Make sure you do some test runs yourself and check in the stats page to make sure they have been logged.

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